Trail Championships 2018 - Rules and Regulations 

Rule 1: A scoring trail race is: 
	All races that appear in the MEC trail race calendar 
	All LDWA challenge events 
	All races issued with a TRA permit (excluding cross country league races) 

Rule 2: To score points you must: 
	Enter as a paid up member of Mid Essex Casuals
	Appear in the results (i.e. complete the race, DNF doesn't score) 
	some races are time based i.e; how many laps in 2 hours)

Rule 3: Points will be awarded as follows: 
	Mileage -1 point per mile up to 10 miles, ½ point per mile from 11 to 30
		ADVERTISED race distance (all scores will be rounded down to the nearest point) 
		e.g. An 8 mile race scores 8 points, a 15 mile race scores 12 points, 
		a 40 mile race scores 20 points 
	Position -1 point for race completion and 1 point for each MEC runner you beat 
		e.g. Runner A 1st, B,C,D next in the same time, runner E last would score 
		the following position points: A-5, B-2, C-2, D-2, E-1 
	Organising or Marshalling an Event -If you organise or marshall an event and therefore cannot take part 
		in it you will receive the average of the points scored by fellow Casuals 
		e.g. 7 runners participating and scoring 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 points 
		respectively would give the non-participating organizer or marshll 13 Championship points 
	Relay Races -15 points for completing a leg whatever the distance e.g. The Essex Way Relay 

Rule 4: Your best 20 race scores plus any relay race appearances will be counted: 
	e.g. If you complete 22 races in the year, the lowest 2 scores will be 
		discarded before calculating your total points;
		If you enter more than 1 race at an event each race will count as an individual race, 
		if you enter the same race more than once only your first result will count;

For 2018 there will be awards in all categories for the winners only. 
To claim your points send a copy of the results to