Mid Essex Casuals





Trail Championships 2024 - Rules and Regulations



The Championship 2024 will run for 12 months, from April 1st 2024 to March 31st 2025.



Rule 1: A scoring trail race is:


All LDWA Challenge Events

All narrative trail races issued with a TRA permit (excluding cross country league races)

For some clarification, Tour of Terling Days One and Two are trail races but Days Three and Four are not.


Rule 2: To score points you must:


Enter as a paid-up member of Mid Essex Casuals

Appear in the results (i.e. complete the race, DNF does not score)


Rule 3: Points will be awarded as follows:


Mileage - 1 point per mile up to 10 miles, ˝ point per mile from 11 to 30 miles (no further points awarded for longer distances) for the advertised race distance (all scores will be rounded down to the nearest point)

e.g. An 8 mile race scores 8 points, a 15 mile race scores 12 points, a 40 mile race scores 20 points


Position - 1 point for race completion and 1 point for each MEC runner you beat

 e.g. Runner A 1st,  B,C,D next in the same time, runner E last would score the following position points: A-5, B-2, C-2, D-2, E-1


Organising or Marshalling an event - If you organise an event or marshal on an event and therefore unable to take part in it you will receive the average of the points scored by fellow Casuals

e.g. 7 runners participating and scoring 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 points respectively would give the non-participating organiser/marshal 13 Championship points.


Reconnoitering a route If you reconnoiter a route on behalf of the organiser, you can still enter the event, but it would be unfair to run with anyone who has not checked the route. Points awarded will be the same as organizing or marshalling an event i.e. the average, as prior knowledge of the route will obviously give an advantage.







Rule 4: Your best 22 race scores count


e.g. If you complete 27 races in the year, the lowest 5 scores will be discarded before calculating your total points.

If you enter more than 1 race at an event each race will count as an individual race, if you enter the same race more than once only your first result will count.


Rule 5: Declaring yourself as “DNF” (Did Not Finish)


If you find yourself off course, in the spirit of fair play it is your duty to retrace or return to the correct course as soon as possible. If you are unable to do so and return to the finish via your own route, please inform the organiser. This will be deemed as a DNF and therefore no points will be awarded.


To claim your points, send a copy, or a link to the results to: results@midessexcasuals.org.uk