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MEC Charity Donations pass FORTY thousand pounds in total in 2024

Trail Championship 2024

Trail Championship rules 2024 NOTE The 2024 Trail Championship will run for 12 months and 22 events will count.

The 2023 Trail Championship is now complete. Lynn Higgs, Julia Binstead, Virginia Willis retained their trophies this year, Lynn for an amazing sixth year!. Richard Sirett for the second consecutive year, James Goddard and Justin Ruggles completed the mens podium.

Trail Championship 2023

The 2023 XC Championship is now complete. Ben Leeds and Lorna Pettifer (who ran every event) retained their trophies this year but all other positions had new winners. Paul Tawn and Dave Spain completed the line up for the men. Jill Eley took second place for the ladies and it was close for the final position which went to new MEC member Dawn Hopper.